Aqua Module

Founded in 2011

An innovative company at the heart of the ecological challenge

Aqua Module is an innovative player in the field of equipment and accessories dedicated to water sports activities in aquatic environments.

The company has developed a range of floating pontoon references: our Aquadock and Cubedock platforms are designed for a variety of uses, from mooring jet skis or canoes to gangways for boarding or disembarking yachts. Our installations combine modular flexibility, safety and energy efficiency.

To provide our customers with products that respond to new aquatic concepts, we are constantly innovating with highly technological solutions.

As the leader in lighted buoys equipped with a smart-system that is the first of its kind in France and internationally, we have revolutionized signage and beaconing in the marine environment for intelligent, autonomous and safe navigation.

With the explosion in maritime traffic, our product line now extends to a number of aquatic installations and equipment at the heart of innovation: floating structures reserved for aquaculture, floating vegetable gardens, floating solar platforms, aquatic leisure, fireworks shows, events, private beaches. Jet Ski ramps…

Today, our expertise supports companies through high value-added services, notably in naval architecture (stability studies, structural calculations, etc.), marine engineering, bathymetry (seabed studies), regulatory expertise and many other studies specific to the nautical segment.

Marina High Tech 2018

Smart team

Aqua Module was founded by Julien Negri, a plastics engineer. He is passionate about the sea and aquatic environments, and has succeeded in bringing together expertise from a wide range of backgrounds around his innovative project: marine engineers, naval architects, R&D professionals, event managers, lawyers, etc. We also call on our team of professional divers to define stability studies, current conditions and the appropriate type of anchoring upstream of project execution.

Our multi-disciplinary teams guarantee our partners optimum support throughout all phases of their aquatic concept. From project study to turnkey delivery, including structural calculations, regulatory expertise and maritime procedures, Aqua Module entrusts you with its best specialists for solutions that are 100% customizable to your most enchanting imaginations.

The experience of our staff, combined with the technological edge of our products, enables us to meet all kinds of needs with the best timing and quality.

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Vision 2040

Living in self-sufficient, modular floating cities is the stuff of human dreams.

It’s a concept that could see the light of day before 2040! Backed by the UN, this vision anticipates the impact of climate change on populations living in territories doomed to disappear due to rising sea levels. Indeed, the number of people displaced by climate change is estimated to eventually exceed 280 million worldwide.

Just one kilometer off our coast, these lands of asylum will welcome refugees who can no longer find a place on dry land. Moored to the ocean floor by means of giant cables, these floating villages will offer their residents great resistance to the elements.

These futuristic cities have nothing to envy of our daily lives on land. There will be restaurants, cafés, stores, hospitals, schools, administrations… everything you need for a better quality of life.

Best of all, these revolutionary cities are totally self-sufficient. Food is provided by raising fish underwater, as well as by growing fruit and vegetables in open-air vegetable gardens. Electricity will be generated by buoys that convert wave energy into electricity.

To make this scientific feat a reality, the UN will call on “human” establishments capable of demonstrating innovation and technological mastery in the aquatic environment. With its many achievements in this sector, Aqua-Module is determined to support this gigantic ecological project with a dedicated strategy and resources.

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