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Thanks to their rectangular shape, our Aquadock floating pontoons offer you modular flexibility and greater configuration opportunities. Made from the latest generation of high-density polyethylene, the Aquadock range is compatible with all types of installations in a variety of aquatic areas.

A 100% ecological and fully recyclable product, the Aquadock platform also stands out for its anti-slip qualities and high resistance to climatic conditions (from -60 to +80°C), as well as to thermal and saline aggression.

5 reasons to choose Aquadock

A patented concept
adapted to high-standard event applications: elegant design, sober colors, phosphorescent lighting.

Great freedom
for the dimensions and aesthetics of your installation: part geometry designed to maximize configuration possibilities.

High resistance
to climatic, saline and thermal aggression.

An ecological and safe solution
100% recyclable platforms – non-slip, grooved surface for rapid water drainage.

Easy maintenance and installation
High-pressure washdown, lightweight, easy-to-handle components, a simple wrench for assembly and disassembly.

Marketing options to suit your objectives and budgets (sale, rental, rental/sale).


Do you want a lightweight, easy-to-install, highly modular platform that can be used for all your aquatic events? Cubedock is for you! Its cubic shapes will fascinate you with their rapid assembly and dismantling, their sober aesthetics and their ecological properties.

Cubedock is an innovative response to the needs of companies (Gala, seminar, incentive, meeting, …) as well as private individuals (private beach, camping, evening with friends…). Originality of the stage and liveliness of the show go hand in hand with flexibility and maximum safety.

3 reasons to convince you

The size and lightness of the Cubedock range make it easy to install and dismantle, for highly modular designs (U, T or square assembly).

Made from recycled and totally recyclable material, Aqua-Module’s Cubedock products are highly innovative!

Aqua-Module can create customized floating platforms perfectly adapted to your needs (pyrotechnics, construction of a work platform, aquaculture farm…).

Marketing options to suit your objectives and budgets (sale, rental, rental/sale).


Light buoy

Aqua-Module is the ultimate in aquatic signaling and marker buoys. Aqua-Module lighting solutions are intelligent, autonomous and ecologically sustainable. Our patented technology is recognized by the scientific community and acclaimed in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Our patented buoy has been approved by the International Maritime Signals Association (IMSA).

In addition to their applications in marine navigation and aquaculture, our luminous installations have been developed to make the magic of light a dimension accessible to all uses (luminous water lines, luminous furniture, luminous cubes…).

Technology that adapts to its environment

Ecological and sustainable solution
Our buoys are powered by a solar panel integrated into a waterproof shell. They are self-recharging and self-sufficient in electricity thanks to the electronic modules inside.

Stand-alone solution
Equipped with intelligent electronics, Aqua-Module buoys switch on automatically at dusk or off at dawn, and can be remotely programmed.

Customizable solution
Available in a range of colors, our buoys can be adapted to suit a wide variety of needs and requirements.

Regulatory-compliant solution
Aqua-Module buoys comply with the current Code de Signalisation Maritime. (Yellow buoy with white electronics).


Innovative structures

Our passion for the aquatic environment knows no bounds! That’s why we’ve put our technology and knowledge at the service of ecological developments to contribute to community well-being. Aqua Module’s marine engineering has translated the environmental theme into commendable large-scale achievements:

  • Self-sufficient floating energy structures
  • Floating vegetable garden with complete autonomy (energy and sanitation)
  • Floating solar platform
  • Innovative boat made from recycled and recyclable materials, completely self-sufficient
  • Self-sufficient floating structures (houses, offices, showrooms, etc.)

AQUA-MODULE in pictures

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