L'îlot artificiel Pantiero, 270m² de surface

[VIDEO] Aqua-Module’s floating carpet tour in Cannes

The startup founded by Julien Negri has found an ideal testing ground in the old port of Cannes, where it has set up a brand new events venue.

How do you combine innovation, business and general interest? A successful challenge for the CCI, manager of the Port of Cannes, who improvised itself as beta-tester for an innovative private initiative, signed Aqua-Module, with the blessing of the City of Cannes, particularly interested in this full-scale test of an artificial island dedicated to hosting events of all kinds, receptions and brand launches, as a direct extension of the Palais des Festivals and the quayside, ideal for hosting major events. And what better showcase than the 72nd International Film Festival to get the ball rolling…

The first artificial island with a festive vocation

The Pantiero islet, 270m² of usable surface area on 300m² of water, was inaugurated on May 10 opposite the Gare Maritime, during an evening of high added commercial value attended by Cannes tourism professionals in the broadest sense of the term, including hoteliers, organizers, the SEMEC… And the satisfaction was tripartite. On the Chamber side, Eric Barrat, Director of the Port of Cannes, adds to his eight receptive spaces an additional card of the highest order: something new, techno, a made-in-Cannes proposition a stone’s throw from the yachts, which could be put to good use on a host of in-house or commercial events. “And if, in addition, we can contribute to testing the innovations of a local start-up, by hosting the floating platform for at least two years, it’s a win-win situation.”

L'îlot artificiel Pantiero
The Pantiero artificial island

On the city side, David Lisnard makes no secret of his keen interest in his very first artificial island with a guaranteed festive vocation. For the Mayor of Cannes, “events are one of the few sectors in which France is world champion. And turning ideas into projects, and projects into successes, is what drives the city forward, what strengthens its appeal. Finding innovative places, like this island, is part of that appeal.” As for Julien Negri, president and founder of Aqua-Module, what could he have hoped for, in terms of image, more powerful than an international spotlight in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, right on the doorstep of the sacrosanct barnum bearing the arms of Canal+? In one of the world’s most renowned marinas, with its cruise industry boasting 1.6 million passengers a year? Aqua-Module’s first floating platform, with its many integrated innovations, is a master stroke. At home. No doubt the true virtues of an ecosystem that organizes, federates and wins.

Source: Tribuca.net

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